Working with the smallholder communities and establishing Nucleus Farms requires proper community entry. We have an experienced Community Liaison and Lands Officer who does the necessary community entry and land availability assessments and tenure arrangements. Technical offices support in feasibility studies of the soil assessments and mapping to determine the land availability potentials and its requirements of support different crop value chains and recommends the forming of Smallholder Out-growers Associations (SOAs) to the Management of CAAD. Management makes all necessary due diligence and assessments of technical, logistical and financial conditions and endorse or reject recommendations.
When a model is endorsed as feasible, Technical (field) Officers take up the task of putting the farmers together into an organized body and take them through pre-season trainings on the formation of and other intricacies of the structure and functioning of Associations. SOAs are formed and elect their leaderships (Chair-person and Vice, Secretary, Organizer and Treasurer) to complete the process. The leadership (Executives) are taken through a separate training sessions on their roles and responsibilities to ensure an effective development and running of the Associations and afterwards presented with training certificates. The leaderships are supported to document the Association by-laws and guiding principles into a constitution which becomes the legislative instrument for the community Association. The leaderships of the various community Associations in a district then appoint or elect representatives together with CAAD representative to become the leadership of the Out-grower Unions (OUs) of the various community Associations.


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