Weather extremities in the North and otherregions of Ghana continues to be a great threat to agricultural productivityand increasing the vulnerability of smallholder farmers to crop failure.Changing weather patterns and irregular rainfall are clear signs of climatechange farmers are finding hard to adjust to. Moreover, access to finance,improved seeds, chemical inputs, scalable technologies and markets hascontinued to deepen the woes and perpetuate poverty among smallholder farmers whoseaccess to land could have made a big difference in wealth creation for them.Government and NGO interventions in the past have been unsustainable on thelong run and some cases a great failure. Climate Adaptive Agriculture Development(CAAD) Ghana Limited however sees great possibilities in farmers adapting tothe trends and further becoming more productive, profitable, sustainable andincreasing the scale of production through prudent application of resultoriented research, best-fit approaches and strong commitments to contextual andtraditional models that work. The significant outcome we want to see as anorganization is for farmers to retire like those of other occupations withsignificant investments for financial freedom at old age.

Our Vision

Our visionis for smallholder farmers to create wealth and retire at old age with pension.Our long term goal is to raise the capacity of over 50,000 smallholder farmersto invest their way out of poverty through prudent and result orientedagriculture, and partnership with financial institutions to invest and grow farmer’sincome.

Company Background

CAAD was born out of sheer passion to better thelot of smallholder farmers considering how most of the aged continue to toiland work their lands while their contemporaries in other professions retirewith pension benefits. These observations were done by the CEO when he startedengagements with smallholder farmers in the northern parts of the Volta Regionand the Northern Regions in 2008. After 10 years of working with smallholderfarmers CAAD was incorporated in 2018 as limited liability company specializedin the design, development and management of large scale farms as well assmallholder models under irrigation and rain-fed conditions. We are also designand implementation of socio-economic, livelihood empowerment and interventionprogrammes as well as consultancy in Irrigation engineering, agricultural landuse planning and agricultural practices.

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